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The main canvas - where you can draw anything

Welcome to The open art project. A place where you can draw anything onto one huge canvas, sharing your creativity, and be free!


Drawsum does for art what wikipedia does for encyclopedias: make them free, open, changeable and collaborative. There is only one canvas that everyone draws onto making one collective artwork. So join in, be creative or just use all the drawings for inspiration. The most important part is it is completely free, all hand drawn, almost completely uncensored and never permanently locked.


You can always add to any drawing you see, as this is the founding principle of Drawsum. I am never going to close drawsum, so your drawings are safe (from me anyway!). Also we back up the 1.6 gigapixel canvas and revert obvious damage regularly, keeping it free of scribbles.

Enjoy doodling! -SmellyMoo

Example drawings:

swirly woman

girl sketch


dragon eye